The Story So Far: First Advisory Board

Before Shakespeare

The Before Shakespeare project held its first Advisory Board meeting earlier this month. These meetings offer the chance to hear thoughts on the project’s progress and to hear suggestions, comments, and advice (it’s in the name!) from the diverse and exciting array of people on the board—medievalists, an archaeologist, and a theatre practitioner and director, as well as fellow early modernists and theatre historians.

The meeting offered some rich food for thought. I have been creating a database of archival references that give us some clue about or are in some way related to the rise of the playhouses in early modern London. The discussion prompted me to think further about what should be included in such a list. Should it contain every antitheatrical reference? When is an individual’s will relevant? What about those oblique or indirect pieces of information: the remortgaging of a property? The drainage of an area…

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One thought on “The Story So Far: First Advisory Board

  1. What a marvellous group! ‘Fluidity is the word’, and so it must needs be. I love the interdisciplinary approach and the openness to embrace all possibilities and perspectives. Flexibility is another word that applies as well. And, as unmanageable as it may seem, I would suggest including every bit of information one comes across regarding anything that may have had even the lightest touch upon the development of theatres Before Shakespeare; when determined irrelevant, a point can be deleted. As I consider the layered space in which an actor performs, all of this of great significance and interest to me.


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